Monday, August 5, 2013

The Right Party Dress For Your Body Type


 If your body is straight with no curves, go for a tight A line dress to flaunt your skinny mini self! 
 Try styles 9509 (left) and 9038 (right) for your next evening out! 


Are you built like Kim Kardashian? If so we are super jealous and have the perfect style dresses for your body type! Try out 9243 and 8881. These will keep all your curves in check but still allow you to twirl in style!! 


Hey Varsity Star! Got that toned body and killer skills that the boys wish they had? Try these dresses to give your body some curves. Style 8410 and 9140.


Ah, at last. The classic pear shape. Ladies, dresses like 9196 and 9129 (that flare out at the bottom)  are great for your body type!

Don't see your body type up here, comment below and we can help you find the perfect dress! 


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